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(UNU-IIGH) Ph.D. Fellowship

International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) Ph.D. Fellowship

One of the objectives of UNU-IIGH is to provide young scientists with an opportunity to expand their intellectual vision beyond the single scientific field that they may be engaged in. UNU-IIGH offers an excellent environment for young scholars to work on their research in an international environment and among a complementary group of fellow scholars.

The Ph.D. Fellowship Programme targets five Ph.D. candidates from educational institutions around the world who can benefit from a period of stay of up to twelve months at UNU-IIGH. With a view to strengthen capacity building in developing countries, students from developing countries — particularly from developing country institutions — are especially encouraged to apply. In this respect the UNU-IIGH fellowship offers financial support for the entire twelve months and it will be closely related to UNU-IIGH own research programmes. The students participate in regular in-house discussions and seminars and contribute to the UNU-IIGH Working Paper Series.

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